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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Exosus Empire completed (well almost).

Finished the troops that I currently have for the Exosus Empire.  These are from the gorgeous CMG ARC troop range and GZG spider drones.

First up is the Grav APC platoon and troops.  There are 3 squads in the platoon (a theme I stick to for each platoon) and one officer leading them.

I've kept it quite simple, to differentiate between troop/NCO/officer I painted the left shoulder a different colour. Orange for NCO, red for platoon commander and blue for company commander.

Next up is the infantry platoon.  Again, these are similar to the first platoon minus the APC's.

Up next is the 6 GZG spider drones in two teams.  Again they are quite simply painted, I'm not nor have I ever been a golden demon painter, I prefer to keep it basic for the games.  I've added 25mm GW round bases in a simple bright colour to represent the shields on each drone.  I've kept them different colours to represent the 2 squads of drones.

The CMG jet bikes are excellent models and I wanted a squad of them to represent the Exosus' technological superiority.

I don't think one grav tank is enough and now plan to buy one more medium tank and a heavy tank from CMG later in March.  I love how they used the same hull as the basis for most of the ARC vehicles.

Finally up is the company officer and the two snipers.  I'm debating about getting/converting a medic and engineer from the models I have left over but I don't know if having a medic would fit into the theme of the Exosus Empire who use conscripts/volunteers like cattle.

Here is an overview of the two platoons and support.

The Revell Star Wars shuttle I got on ebay dirt cheap (at £3) so I plan to use it as a prop in some games at a later stage.

Now onto starting work on the Kraskian Federation Marines.

See you on the other side.

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