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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Exosus Empire

These are to be the bad guys of my gaming universe, one of two initial factions.  As I said before I fell in love with the CMG Arc fleet troops and decided to use these as the Imperial troops.  I wanted a white/grey colour scheme and as these were to be the first models I painted in 6 years I wanted to keep it basic.

Keeping with what I know I started with a black base, then codex grey with a medium drybrush of fortress grey finally a light drybrush of space wolves grey to bring out the edges in the uniform.  Over any armour sections I put a few thin layers of white followed by regal blue then a highlight of enchanted blue on the visor.

When it came to basing I think I made a mistake by putting the sand on the penny before spraying as it left a lot of noticeable gaps and no amount of painting could hide the shine of the penny breaking through.  Lesson learnt, don't put the sand on until you have sprayed the model.  The models were painted with Scorched brown, with a drybrush of bestial brown followed by graveyard earth.  Finally it was topped off with some grass in random patterns.

As I said this is my first attempt at painting in some years so please be gentle with the criticisms.

I've finished the last two squads (in Gruntz they are squads of 8) and plan to start on the two walkers, 4 jet bikes, 6 spider droids, 2 grav APC's and 1 grav tank.  I'll start to post more images when I finish them along with the background for the Exosus Empire.

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