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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New shiny

My order from Micro Panzer arrived and boy are they gorgeous.

They may not have the same level of detail as a space marine but they are perfect as a 15mm mech.

                                                          *next to a Khurasan fed for scale

As with any metal model there are going to be mold lines and excess flash which cleaned away easily enough.  There are some gaps at the back where the hood joins the body which will be tidied up once I find my green stuff (mental note never tidy things up you lose them).

These are gorgeous models and will look great painted up and part of the Kraskian Marines.

I've finished all the old crow vehicles and once I get access to a decent camera I plan to stick some photos up.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New transport

My new transport for my Khurasan Seals just arrived.  I've to get it cleaned up and painted (pics later).

It'll need washed and based but it's an excellent model with very little flash/excess resin with the exception of the underside, but I doubt it'll actually be seen however I'll still tidy it up.

The Caiman has a lot of detail and has been worth the week wait from order.  Seriously does Khurasan have a transport to get items over to the UK that quick and at a reasonable postage rate?  I know UK companies who charge more for posting less.  They should maybe take a look at how Jon does business.

I'm off to get this thing prepped.

*edit:  I used GW's Chaos Black spray and it settled quite well onto the Caiman.  So feel free to use that but please make sure you give it a full clean and have a full can of black spray unlike me.

Friday, 13 April 2012

New shiny stuff

After a bit of a wait (almost 4 weeks) I finally received my Old Crow models.  I have a couple of APC's and tanks along with a gunship.  They're really nice models and I had planned to use them with the Khurasan federal troops I own, but since they are releasing new vehicles soon I'm going to have to get a third army to go along with the Old Crow stuff and I can't decide what to get.  I'll have to let my wallet do the talking, which means very little.

I finished the first platoon of Khurasan feds and after receiving a second platoon Jon did a very heinous act.  He released the Caimon.  I had to have it, so it's currently on the way to me.

One of the big problems I face (as I know most gamers face) is lack of motivation.  Yes I just spent X on a shiny new army and it's arrived but I didn't realise just how many figures I'd bought, oh and the paint scheme shall be overly complicated just cause I hate myself.  I've based 30 figures and gave them their first coat of green, but they've sat on a shelf since Monday gathering dust (damn you Bioware for making me replay ME1&2).  Then you go looking on a forum for inspiration and you see a brand new set of figures or something that just tickles your fancy.  Take for example Micropanzer Russians, I'd originally planned to order some at the start of the month but the store was closed but decided against them telling myself I don't need walkers.  But the more I look at them I think that they are gorgeous models that deserve, nay need to be in my collection.  I just fear that they'll sit unpainted gathering dust.  It's an issue I had in GW, I think in nearly 3 years with them I manged to finish 6 armies.  One for Gothic, one for epic, two 40k, one LOTR and one fantasy undead army.  I had at one stage one company of Steel legion and a company of Praetorian Guard in various stages of painting, basing and filing that eventually was sold to free up space (I regret selling the Praetorian Guard, oh the plans I had).

I guess I suffer from the must have it and not think about the painting till after the shinyness wears off.  With getting back into gaming I realise that this is something I need to combat and only order something new when I need to paint and in the last few months have been quite good its just been the arrival of stuff I've waiting on and the release of new items I want to complete an army.  Basically what I'm asking is, what do you guys do to keep motivated when painting?  I do all the usual stuff, lock myself in a room and play music/watch tv.  Should I hire a dominatrix and tell her to slap me about if I fail to complete a unit/tank within a timescale?  Or should I just throw my cash at someone who can paint and needs extra money?  But does that not defeat the purpose of being a gamer/modeller?