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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thanks for the memories.

I started with models as a kid, painting and building some star wars kits then working my way onto airfix kits.  I had an obsession (some would say unhealthy) with WWII planes and I routinely spent my pocket money on a new airfix kit or paint.  I'd rush home and frantically build the model and paint it.  Whilst my enthusiasm was great, my modelling skills left a lot to be desired.  That all changed when my cousin came home with Heroquest and something changed, we now had games to play with the models. That changed when I saw this ad on tv.

 I had to have it, luckily Christmas was around the corner and Santa was good to me.  Although the models ended up looking like they were dunked in paint I was hooked on the futuristic element to it.  We quickly discovered 2nd edition Epic Space Marine.  I built a massive Space Marine and Guard army.  Luckily GamesWorkshop opened a store near us and we converted to 40k 2nd edition.  This was to be the staple of our wargaming diet for the next few years, a foray into Warhammer but I never enjoyed the fantasy element.  I'd built several armies (Dark Angels, Eldar and Guard) with every penny earned going towards new models, paints and books.  Then GW did something amazing and within a short time released both Blood Bowl and Necromunda.  Now we didn't have to have massive armies to control and games were a lot more competitive, especially in a league game.  These games were exciting and fast

A few years ago I worked for GW in a store and during that time I caught the airsoft bug.  After leaving GW I sold all my stuff including some paints from the early 90's (groan!) and I forgot about gaming with the occassional foray into my local GW.  Content to airsoft instead with friends and game on the PC instead.

About a year ago a friend of mine (and former GW manager) opened his own gaming store Arkham Gaming Centre.  He started to entice me with pictures on his facebook of shiny new miniatures and rules.  The geek in me couldn't resist looking but I couldn't do another GW army and not on their prices.  During my research I started to find a lot of 15mm stuff online and fell in love with the Khurasan feds and CMG ARC Fleet troops.  After finding the Gruntz ruleset I finally bit the bullet and ordered enough models for two armies along with support troops/vehicles.  This brought about a panic buy of brushes, paints, glue, day lamp and other things to help get me started.

And this is pretty much where the blog picks up from, admittedly I've skimmed over a lot of things, but I felt it necessary to give you an idea as to who I am and where I came from in regards to gaming.  I intend to document my painting and gaming along with any crazy ideas I have.

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