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Monday, 26 March 2012

Been far too long

Jeepers I hadn't realised that it has been a month since I last posted.  With ME3 being released and replaying ME 1&2 I've lost track of time.  I have managed to do some painting, mostly its been messing around with my new airbrush and working on some Old Crow/CMG buildings.  After watching a video showing the Tamiya weathering kits I bought a few and tested those out on some GZG tanks.

With the first one I brushed orange rust over some OD Krylon I had lying around and with the second one I used the snow weathering as a test to see how OD would look frosted/iced.  Despite the dark pictures I am happy with it.  A word of advice to any who read this do not use Krylon Camo spray on your models.  It is far too thick and can obscure detail, I only bought the GZG tanks to see what they were like and disliked the small size compared to Khurasan and CMG tanks.

I have also painted the Khurasan Siler tank and I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I followed the guide by Robin from Gruntz and it was really handy.  I definately wish youtube had been around when I was a kid, just imagine the models I would have saved!

Based using Chaos Black spray, then with several light coats Vallejo Tan Dark Earth.  Following Robins method I then put blu-tack in various random patterns then I lightly went over it with Vallejo Olive Drab.  I went over it with the sand colour from the Tamiya weathering kit.  It's basic but it looks like a lot more work went into it.

I also have a platoon of infantry done in camo with a second platoon almost completed.  Once they are done I'll stick up some (better lit) photos.  Just waiting on some Old Crow tanks and APC's to arrive to complete the Kraskian faction.  I couldn't resist it and ordered two more CMG grav tanks for the Exosus just for completion sake.

Once thats complete I'm thinking about Flames of War for my next project.  However, I can't decide about whether to go the popular route and build a German army or do a British one.  I'm very tempted by the stuff that the Plastic Soldier Company is putting out German wise.  Lots of cheap Panzers, half tracks and troops.

Will have to see where the dice take me.

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