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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kraskian Marines

*Warning very picture heavy.

I've finished everything bar the Micro Panzer battlesuits and the Old Crow gunship.

I'm quite proud of these guys and how they turned out, though I plan to add some stencils to the tanks to mark them.

First up is the Company commander:

You can see the camo scheme clearly on the back of the model, it took a while but I am happy with how it appears.

Next is an engineer assigned to the company to repair the vehicles:

Here is the company medical technician:

The company snipers:

Here is the attached Recon team with its Puma IFV (Khurasans Caiman, renamed).

1st Platoon with its attached Jackal heavy APC's.

2nd Platoon in all it's glory:

There are two Leopard medium tanks assigned to the company:

The company currently has one Raptor main battle tank, this tank is the mainstay of the Kraskian Marines:

Because of the requirements placed on this company in its retaking of Oriel II they have been granted the honour of taking a Vulcan heavy tank into combat with them.  These tanks are incredibly rare as the process to make them is long and some of the materials are scarce since the war began.

I'll be adding a background and some information on the marines shortly, but in the meantime you can view more pictures here.

As always please let me know what you think.

Looking recommendations

I have just finished the Kraskian faction (pics up shortly).  However, I'm looking at a 3rd faction, a Russian themed army so I ordered a pack of Armies Army RUSK troops.  They're lovely models and I aim to build an army that is troop centric.  Lots of infantry, 6 x 8 man squads and 2 x 6 man squads, tanks will be medium only provided by the excellent Khurasan Red Eagle tanks.  I'm looking to add some tracked transport, something that looks future Russian, preferably an APC of some kind.  I would like to add some small humvee style vehicles for scouting and some kind of armoured truck for the remaining troops.

Any recommendations?