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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A quick update

I'm not very good at updating these things, but I haven't had a chance to do much painting due to work and catching the dreaded manflu.  A couple of new things arrived, some terrain from Wargames Tournament on ebay which is some very nice North Africa buildings and they'll be painted to look like slums/old buildings for my new board.  I also picked up (on the cheap) a KR Cardboard model case.  It's made of a hard cardboard and holds around 200 28mm mini's.  It comfortably fits the minis and the soft foam doesn't appear to scratch the models.  I'm quite impressed with it and with their range of cases, I'll definitely get one of the cases for a bloodbowl team or Necromunda gang.

I did manage to finish a CMG medium grav tank along with 4 CMG ARC jetbikes.  Again I kept them simple as I'm not a great painter.  But I'll stick photos up later.

With the Exosus troops practically finished (only 2 officers and 2 walkers to complete) I started to file and base the Khurasan Federal troops.  These will be playing the role of the Kraskian Federation Marines.  Much like the US Marines of today they put an emphasis on manoeuvre warfare.  With highly trained and motivated troops using the latest in technological advances they carry the fight to the enemy, attacking and harrying them before their fearsome heavy tanks and gunships pulverise them.

With my love of 2nd edition 40k I started to collect the codices (codexes?) and the 2nd ed box.  What I'd love to do is use the rules for 15mm combat.  Obviously certain things will either have to be toned down or removed, like psychic powers, characters and the abundance of wargear along with the insane 90% fire arc for troopers.  I'll have to wait for them to arrive before I start making plans.  I just wonder if anyone else would be interested?

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