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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New transport

My new transport for my Khurasan Seals just arrived.  I've to get it cleaned up and painted (pics later).

It'll need washed and based but it's an excellent model with very little flash/excess resin with the exception of the underside, but I doubt it'll actually be seen however I'll still tidy it up.

The Caiman has a lot of detail and has been worth the week wait from order.  Seriously does Khurasan have a transport to get items over to the UK that quick and at a reasonable postage rate?  I know UK companies who charge more for posting less.  They should maybe take a look at how Jon does business.

I'm off to get this thing prepped.

*edit:  I used GW's Chaos Black spray and it settled quite well onto the Caiman.  So feel free to use that but please make sure you give it a full clean and have a full can of black spray unlike me.


  1. I just finished priming mine and will start painting tomorrow. Do you have a color scheme in mind for your Caiman?

  2. What did you use to prime yours?

    I'm going to keep it simple, green and tan like the rest of my vehicles, but I'm going to put a bit more effort into it as it's the transport for my SF team in Gruntz. What about yourself?